Tour in the Far East of Russia. 

Sea cruise to Chukotka and Wrangel Island  

In the far north-east of Russia, washed by the cold Chukchi Sea, there is a gloomy and deserted Wrangel Island. 
The untouched ice and the polar bear's dens are a real treasury of the Arctic. In this travel you will see polar bears and gray whales, wolverines and Arctic foxes.

Wrangel Island is the northernmost in the Far East and has no analogues in the world by the number of plants and animals.  

Going on this tour you will also get acquainted with northern peoples of Russia: their culture and life. Chukotka is a wonderful part of Russia, untouched nature, unique people, and an incredible spirit of freedom.

Available travel dates 


16 days

from $12980

from July to August 

45-70 people


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